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April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13th, 2013, at St Mary's Church, Witney


A concert in aid of the West Oxfordshire Vetka Association.


Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir

Voice Box


We were delighted to share this lively concert with the OWMVC directed by Helen Swift and accompanied, in virtuoso fashion, by Alex Howgego.  Our two choirs sang entertaining and complementary programmes to a full St Mary's church, raising a considerable sum in support of WOVA.

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The West Oxfordshire Vetka Association


The Oxford Welsh Male voice Choir

The West Oxfordshire Vetka Association is a charity based in West Oxfordshire in the UK but with members nationwide.


It supports schools, hospitals and sustainable developments in Vetka District in Belarus - the place in the world worst affected by the Chernobyl disaster. It will be two generations before radiation levels in parts of Vetka District reach acceptable levels and 244,000 years before they return to pre-Chernobyl levels.

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WOVA4 April 13 2013 programme 1 April 13 2013 programme 2 April 13 2013 programme 3 April 13 2013 programme 4 April 13 2013 programme 5